Installing On Mac OS X (OpenVPN)

Installing On Mac OS X (OpenVPN)

  • Created: This is a guide on how to install DefenceVPN OpenVPN on Mac OS X.

Step 1. Download necessary files
Download Tunnelblick here.

& Select a server from the server status page and download the .ovpn config and CA certificate.  Open the CA certificate and copy the contents inside the .ovpn file like so;



Step 2. Install Tunnelblick
Go through the installation process as guided by Tunnelblick and then launch the program.

Step 3. Connect to DefenceVPN
Go to the folder you put your .ovpn files, right click the server you wish to connect to and select Tunnelblick from the "Open with" list.

Look in your menu bar for the Tunnelblick icon, right click and hit connect. You will be asked to enter your DefenceVPN credentials.

You should see a screen saying you are connected after.

Thats it! You're connected. Enjoy and use responsibly.

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