What is a VPN and How Does it Work?

What is a VPN and How Does it Work?

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How a VPN Keeps you Safe Online

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a necessary service for anyone who cares about online privacy and security. When you access a website, stream content or download a file on the internet, your internet service provider redirects the request to the destination. Not only does your ISP know exactly what you are doing, but the destination website can identify your IP address, DNS, location and other personal data.
Using a VPN can help you avoid such information transmission.

Online Privacy

Privacy when online has become a major talking point. From social media sites to search engines to third party trackers, it appears every company is attempting to access and use your personal information.
They want your IP address, location, device details and any other bits of information that can help them make money. It is why many people are now turning to the best VPN service to keep themselves secure.

Layers of Protection

Depending on the VPN service you choose, it will provide you with one or two layers of encryption on top of your existing connection. What does that mean? With a VPN, your connection is rerouted before it reaches the destination. Say you are on Facebook or searching for something on Google. Those sites will only see the IP address and DNS from your VPN service, not your personal details.

Using a VPN Service

The beauty of the best VPN providers is that using the service is a very straightforward experience. All you need to do is download the VPN app on your device, sign in and connect to a server. If you use a MacBook to access the internet and do work, to get started you will choose a VPN for Mac, install the client and pick the server closest to you. After connecting through the VPN client, you will enjoy a high speed connection that is completely secure and private.

Security Features

The best VPN providers will have many security features built into the VPN app. One of the most important features is a “kill switch”.
When you are using a VPN, it is possible for the connection to get disrupted. That can lead to you browsing, downloading or streaming with your regular connection, exposing you to online tracking.
A kill switch ensures that if the VPN service stops working on a device, internet connectivity is immediately disabled on the device as well. Then you wait for the VPN to reconnect before accessing the internet again.

Who Needs a VPN?

Many types of online users are able to benefit from using a VPN service. Individuals who complete sensitive work on their computer and use cloud storage services should always connect behind a VPN.
Journalists and media personalities can also benefit from a VPN. As they are traveling around the world, communicating with sources and submitting their stories, a VPN ensures that no one is snooping on them.
But even the average user can benefit from a VPN. If you do not want third parties accessing your location, IP address and other sensitive information, always connect to the internet through a VPN service.

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