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Downloading torrents?
Using your real IP address will get you in trouble

Your ISP and copyright trolls can catch you for illegal torrenting by tracing your IP address. Use VPN to protect yourself.
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Don't get caught torrenting
Don't get caught torrenting
You can use a virtual private network (VPN) to keep your online activity private. It’s a tried and tested way to stay safe when torrenting. VPN routes your Internet traffic through a remote server to hide and replace your real IP address. This way, your ISP and copyright trolls can’t track what you do online, and you can torrent risk-free.
Stay anonymous online
Snoopers, advertisers, ISPs, hackers – all of them are on a hunt for your private browsing data. If you want to share torrent files in privacy, use VPN to enjoy peace of mind. VPN protects you from all kinds of snooping and lets you stay truly private online. Hide your identity, browsing history and downloads with a remote IP address and strong encryption.
Don't get caught torrenting
Torrent without limits

DefenceVPN offers hundreds of special servers for file sharing to ensure safe and smooth torrenting. No traffic throttling or speed limitations – P2P is welcome here.

Multiple Devices
Enjoy true anonymity

You deserve privacy. DefenceVPN encrypts your Internet traffic to shield you from snoopers. Plus, it doesn’t keep any logs of your online activity, so only you can see the files you download and websites you visit.

Hide your location

Your IP address shows your real location, so leaving it visible puts you at risk of being traced by copyright trolls. VPN hides your location, so you can feel safe when sharing P2P.

Torrent safely on all devices

With a single DefenceVPN account, you can secure your online activities on 6 devices at the same time. Easy-to-use native apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS allow you to torrent and browse safely on all major platforms.