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Browse the web with an anonymous IP address. Prevent hackers, snoopers and government agencies from knowing your unique online identity, finding your location, or accessing your private data.
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You're Being Watched

Did you know your IP address can reveal your location, name and Internet Service provider? Browse with an anonymous IP address and hide your online activity from:

By browsing anonymously, you can protect your valuable data and sensitive information from hackers looking to prey on your personal and financial details.


An anonymous IP allows you to mask your personal details, online activities and location from the prying eyes of Internet service providers and third parties looking to sell your data.


Big brother is watching. But with DefenceVPN, you can maintain complete privacy and prevent government agencies like the GHCQ and NSA from monitoring your online activities.

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Why Is Your IP Address so Valuable?

It’s easy to find your IP address. If it falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to serious headaches for you – or worse outcomes.
Reveals Your Location
Reveals Your Location
Your IP address reveals your location, usually within a few miles. This information might seem innocuous, but once bad actors know where you are, they can hunt for other information about you – or hone in on your exact spot.
Online Monitoring
Online Monitoring
With your IP address, it’s easy for someone to monitor what you do online – i.e., where you visit, the transactions you make, or the people you send messages to. With that information, hackers, snoopers and government agencies can build a comprehensive online profile around you and your activities. They can then sell or give this information away at their leisure.
Denial-of-Service Attacks
Denial-of-Service Attacks
Once hackers know your IP address, they can engage in DoS or DDoS attacks against you. In short, they can overwhelm your router with “dummy” requests, preventing you from accessing the Internet as normal – and possibly holding you hostage to attackers’ demands.
IP Spoofing
IP Spoofing
Your IP address is usually only associated with your router. But bad actors can easily “spoof” this number and commit illegal activity in your name. This could force you to spend hours dealing with your ISP, or cause serious legal or reputational trouble that can be costly to resolve.

Get an Anonymous IP Address with DefenceVPN

You’ll enjoy a wide variety of privacy perks when you connect to DefenceVPN. With our thousands of anonymous IP addresses, you can browse the web without anyone watching you and what you do.
Protect Your Identity
and Your Data

Browsing anonymously allows you to protect your credit card and banking details, ID information, work emails, personal exchanges and much more.

Guard Your
Online Activity

DefenceVPN hides your Internet footprints. We protect your browsing history, data and privacy from government agencies, third-party trackers and Internet service providers.

Hide Your
Browsing History

At DefenceVPN, we don’t keep any logs or records of your website browsing, so everything you do is completely private and off-the-record.

Conceal Your

With DefenceVPN, your IP address is hidden behind our global server network, giving the appearance to the outside world that you’re located in the same region as one of our VPN servers.

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