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Browse the web with an anonymous IP address. Prevent hackers, snoopers and government agencies from knowing your unique online identity, finding your location, or accessing your private data.
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Prevent Online Tracking by Third Parties

Prevent third parties from secretly tracking your online activities with the complete data and privacy protection of a VPN.
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Who is Tracking Me?

Here's some examples of third parties who track your online activity — without your knowledge or consent.
Search Engines
Website Owners
Internet Providers
Search Engines

You use search engines so often, it’s probably become routine. Think of all the personal queries you make via your search engine of choice. Do you want strangers having access to this information? We don't blame you. Keep this private information private and prevent search engines like Google from tracking you.

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How Am I Tracked Online?

  • IP Address
  • Online Cookies
  • Browsing History
  • Location Services
IP Address
Whenever you connect to a website, your unique IP address is tracked and logged by administrators. Certain email clients and messaging apps can also reveal the IP addresses of their users. If this address is connected back to your real-world person, what you do online can be traced back to you.

The Consequences of Being Tracked

Once your data is collected, here are some ways it can be used against you.

Have you noticed ads online that seem to “fit” you mysteriously well? It’s no surprise, since many advertisers already know what you do on the Internet. Using this information, they can craft subtle messaging campaigns to get you to buy certain products – or even influence your thoughts and behaviors.


Governments increasingly have the capacity and intention of tracking everything you do online. You may be in a country where this tracking is relatively benign today. But future political changes might turn this wealth of information into a useful weapon against you – putting you, your family or business in danger.

Identity and
Financial Theft

By tracking what you do online and reading unencrypted transmissions, bad actors can piece together snippets of information about you, creating a profile of who you are in the real world. The more information they have, the easier it is to impersonate you, guess your passwords and security questions, and steal your financial information to make transactions with your money.

Maintain Your Online Privacy and Freedom

We go the extra mile to protect your privacy and browsing history from advertisers, governments, third-party trackers and more.
256-Bit Encryption
256-Bit Encryption
We use the highest encryption level in the industry to secure your private data from hackers, snoopers and governments.
Anonymous Browsing
Anonymous Browsing
With DefenceVPN, your actual IP address is hidden behind our private global server network, so you can browse the web with complete anonymity.
No Record-Keeping
No Record-Keeping
At DefenceVPN, we don’t keep any logs or records of your website browsing, so everything you do is completely private and traceless.
Identity and Data Protection
Identity and Data Protection
Browsing anonymously allows you to protect your credit card and banking details, ID information, work emails, personal exchanges and much more.
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